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Open Letter to "Authorities"

Below is a letter I put together some years ago in the UK.

The purpose is to get "Public Servants" to reflect over their role and the validity of their belief that their title or job gives them the right to order their fellow man around - especially when that fellow man has not done any harm or violated any agreement.

I put it here so that those who want to copy it and/or alter it to fit some specific situation can do so.

It can also be used to give to unquestioning "Order-followers" or "Law-followers" so  they get something to think about. You know those people, without which there would not have been any wars, false information spread, imprisonment of peaceful people, enslavement, etc.

Here is the letter:

An Open Letter to all that believe they have the authority to command a peaceful fellow man:

You have been given this paper since you seem to demonstrate by your actions or words that you believe that you have the right or authority to command the person who sent you or gave you this
– whether that person agrees or not.

I want you to read and consider the points below thoroughly, and then in your own words explain again how you have the right to do what you claim you can do.

Here is a series of assumptions or self evident truths, that seem to be held as true by most people:

  1. All men (man: a flesh, blood and soul member of mankind no matter what sex or age) are created by a creative force or creator, such as Nature or some Divine Entity.
  2. All men are born equal and with equal natural rights to life, liberty, peace, free will, interaction with other men, property, self defence, etc.
  3. No man is born a slave. The corollary of this is that no man is another man's master. This leads to the conclusion that no group of men (no matter how large or small) can exert its will over another man (or group of men) without his/their consent.
  4. Man created fictional things such as man-made laws, Nations, Governments, Municipalities, Courts, Military, Police forces, Corporations, Banks, Trusts, Money, Negotiable Instruments,  etc. to facilitate a functional society. All these fictions are there to serve and protect man, not to rule him or lord over him. These fictions, being words on paper in essence, can in and of themselves do nothing, and are given life by living men playing a role as an actor within that fiction. Thus all responsibility for anything a fiction does confers on the man acting out a role within it. Harming a living man not partaking in the same fictional game, does not alleviate the man doing the harming, just because he happens to play a role within a fiction at the time in question.
  5. The Creator is always senior to the Created. The Creation can never be superior to its Creator. The fictions in the previous point are all CREATIONS and as such are subservient to a living man.
  6. A man will forfeit his natural rights when he steps upon those rights of another man. Thus he who harms, steals, deceives one or more of his fellow men, has by his actions given up his sovereign natural rights to life, liberty, possession, etc. in that regard, and opened himself to be punished, controlled by the other men of his society or the rules they have agreed upon.
  7. A man can by agreement or contract give up his natural rights in certain circumstances, such as when he choose to play a role in one of the fictions listed in the fourth point above. (If he agrees to take a position in a Government or a Corporation, he then agrees to follow its rules and be subjected to the will of those holding a position superior to his own in that organization – but only when he is on the job, performing a function of that fiction and being paid for doing so. When he acts as a private living man outside any such agreements, he is in full possession of his natural rights and is not subject to any man made rules. He is considered to be outside of the fictions if he is not acting under the contract of employment and is not getting compensated for his time performing a function of the office held.).
  8. Each man is ultimately responsible for his own actions, this means that no fiction can be responsible for anything. Acts done in the name of a fiction were done by a man acting for the fiction, that man stands as surety for the fiction and is responsible for his own acts and answerable to his fellow man.
  9. A fiction is in its essence an idea or belief that only exists in words or thought. It is a product of the minds of men. It has no presence in the tangible universe, and thus is of a lesser standing than anything tangible. A living man is tangible. He is to the fictions in point four, what Nature or God is to him.
  10. If you claim I have to obey your orders or any rules you believe apply to me in regards to the matter at hand, please produce the agreement or contract and the schedule of work and the payroll showing I am getting paid for performing what you claim I must do, or some document that proves that I agreed to do what you call for without compensation.
  11. A man with clean hands and a pure heart, who have done no harm to another man and who is acting in his private natural capacity outside any fictional office, can not be subjected to another man's will or the rule of any man-made fiction.
  12. Since the fictions listed in point four are all subservient to its creator – man, and since they were created to support man and protect his natural rights, they cannot change their form to one where they cause harm to man or violate his rights, and still be considered lawful and valid.
  13. A fiction deriving its existence and form from the men that created it, can not gain any right or authority those men did not each one possess individually. As man has no right to harm, steal from, deceive, murder, imprison, etcetera, any other man in full possession of his natural rights, thus no fiction can possess the right to harm, steal, deceive, murder, imprison, etc. any such man.

You have been given this from one man to another. If you believe the assumptions in the points above are false, please explain how that is – using only logic or easily proven points. Remember, as men, you and I are equal and no so called authority applies. Unless you can prove I am a slave and you or someone else is my master.

As regards the matter at hand. I was not acting as someone holding an office or function within a fiction at the time. I was acting in my private capacity as a living man of the tangible universe, answerable to no man or man-made fiction. I did, as far as I know, not cause harm to any man or put anyone at risk or danger at the time, so there is no cause of action for anyone to interfere or meddle in this matter. If you have an injured party in form of a fellow man, please produce it.

In Peace...

- - - - - - - - - - -

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