Saturday, 11 June 2016

Are we living in reality or a dream world?

When I read what people share, post or write in various facebook groups or forums, what strikes me the most is how firmly we seem to be stuck in the conviction that everything we see and hear and are surrounded by, is real and true.

So I'm going to keep repeating the main line running through this blog. Maybe if I say it in different ways over and over again, it is easier to understand. I know of course that many already understand, but we need to be many more than we are today, if we are to get anywhere.

If there is one thing we humans are good at, it's making things up. We get ideas and we convince others of the value of these ideas. Ideas can be incredibly powerful. They have changed history. They have created prosperity and peace, and they have led people to slaughter each other like animals. They have created new civilizations and they have brought down empires.

But what all ideas have in common is that they are a phenomenon of our minds. They only exists in our heads.

These ideas can then manifest in the tangible world, by our actions and what we create. The idea that "it is best if we all drive on the same side of the road" is an idea - the fact that we do so is a result of this idea or this agreement. When many adopts a certain idea and act in accordance with it, we have an agreement.

In the same way, I can come up with an idea of ​​how I would like to build a house. If a house should results from this, this house would not be my idea - it would be the physical result of it. Now you might very well yawn, dear reader and say "For Gods sake, that's obvious. Don't you have anything better to say? ".

But if I were to say that "There is no other real law than the laws of Nature" or "The Government does not exist in reality, it is only a ghost in our minds." then there might be a different response.

"But if I break the law, I can get arrested, convicted, fined or imprisoned, and that is real. Therefore, the law must be real." No, the man (or woman) acting as a police officer, the man who acts as a prosecutor, the man who acts as judge and all the other people involved (usually yourself included) are all acting with the same conviction or agreement regarding a particular idea - for example that it is wrong to strangle mother in law. The law that says that you shall not murder, only exists on paper (which is the recording of an idea) and in our minds. Most agree that it's best if we do not kill each other, and therefore it was written down as a human agreement / law. But this "law" has no physical traceability, unlike the Law of Gravity or the Law of Cause and Effect. People actually kill each other all the time, all around the world, so is not a Natural law. Now I picked murder as an example here. It could just as easily been income tax or TV license.

The same goes for the Government. "But it is real" I hear someone say. The people who are acting in different positions in the government are real. Their clothes are real. The buildings they use are real. The computers, staplers, pens, telephones, etc. are real - but the government itself is nothing more than an idea which has many followers. These people are just people like you and me (maybe just a little more brainwashed or dishonest).

One can't see the wood for all the trees, it is said. It is not easy to see anything other than what you think you see. Whatever one is doing or is involved with, is what is most real to oneself, for the time being. When I first came to my regiment when I did my military service, I thought, "These people are crazy." But after a few weeks, I stomped in the line like everyone else, and played in their games (although I might have been a little more of a rebel than most).

Now you can of course say that "Reality is what we agree on, or regard as real" and I suppose that is in a way true. What I mean when I say "real" here is "A physical reality." Most agree that, that which can be seen, touched and otherwise perceived, is more real that a product of the mind alone.

But let's take a look at how we as people arrange our lives and use fictions (ideas, convictions, beliefs, agreements, etc.) in our daily lives and in our interaction with each other.

Why not start with your name. Are you your name? If a police officer is holding up paper with your name on it and ask "Is this you?" What will you answer?
The name is a fiction, which was conceived so that we in our language (also a fiction) could distinguish one from another. It is a symbol or label we carry around. But we are not the label or symbol, neither in the form of a sound combination or letter combination. We are who we are. We are like a joker in a deck of cards - we can play any role in the game of life - limited only by our own thoughts and considerations (and perhaps some physical attributes and IQ).

If we were telepathic, we would not have to go through these unwieldy constructs - language and names. If we mastered telepathy fully, I would be able to convey all the images, sensations and feelings I wanted to a receiver. I would not have to say a person's name to make clear who I mean. I could convey how the person looks, smells, moves, thinks, laughs, and sounds. The recipient of my communication would have a much more accurate picture of who I meant than if I just said a name.

Right now, practically everyone, sees the present society as something big, something established, something firm, something very real and tangible. But is it really so?

Look at all the former empires, kingdoms, religions, trade empires, forms of government, etc. They all ceased to exist one day (perhaps with the exception of a small minority of people, who still carried a faith or belief). That day was the day when almost no one believed in it any more, and it had lost all practical importance.

No one, or very few, still believe in the old Nordic Gods, or that they are going to Valhalla when they die. But not so long ago this was very real and true for most Scandinavians.
Nor does the Persian Empire exist today, or the Ming Dynasty. People stopped believing in them long ago. The Romans Trading Empire is no more (some claim it transformed itself into a religion, and continued to exercise it's power through the Catholic Church, but this would in that case be a newer "Empire" in a different form). It slowly fell apart from within (those who previously believed in that idea and agreement, stopped doing so) and it could not find enough "believers" to keep it all together.


Today we have a society in decay. It is approaching slowly but surely the point where enough people will want to get rid of it, or at least drastically reform it. Here are some points that I believe will lead to this:

  1. Over Taxation of the people and waste of public funds, or the use of the people's money to finance things that the people have no interest in or doesn't want to be part of.
  2. Stealing the people's common property by the State by selling land, mineral resources, etc. to private or foreign companies. One can not give away or sell what one does not own. The state is supposed to be a trustee of, not an owner of our nations resources.
  3. Our public servants that we hired to take care of certain functions in our society starts to behave as if they are our bosses or slave-owners. Officials are acting as if their words and will are all the law that we have today. They decide how much we have to pay to a private company to drive on our own motorways that we already paid for and still pay for with petrol taxes. They fill Government Offices with staff that are not getting their jobs done, because computers and copy machines are broken for lack of money – but there always seems to be money to pay all these staff. We are treated like immature children without rights, responsibility or common sense.
  4. We are moving rapidly towards a society where people are no longer needed, as machines can do what we do better and cheaper. We already have self-driving cars that have been tested for hundreds of thousands of miles in the United States. They do not get tired, they will not be distracted and they have less accidents. It is only a matter of time until most commercial traffic and a fair bit of private travel, will be managed by trucks, buses and cars that drive themselves. Factories populated by robots and maintenance staff. Nanotechnology and 3D printers will provide many essentials and gadgets in our homes and offices. The rich need us no longer as labour. Few things upset people so much as when they are not needed any more - especially if they can not earn a living any more.
  5. When the protection of the law and the principle that everyone has the same freedoms and rights and are equal before the "law" no longer seems to apply in practice, then the authorities, the police and judiciary becomes instruments of oppression, rather than a guarantee of justice.
  6. The monetary system is designed so that the debts, interest and turnover must grow all the time for the wheels to continue to go around. A small elite have manipulated things so that they now control the economy, and are earning obscene amounts while most are getting poorer today than they were ten or twenty years ago. This leads to an imbalance that can derail the whole society. Our money system today, where "money" is created by issuing loans, which must be paid with interest, which there is no money for, (as the money for the interest is not created) means that more and more loans need to be issued all the time. Mathematically, this means that our money system is designed to burst one day. That day is probably not far away.
  7. The real power in today's world lays neither with the people or the governments they allegedly elect, but with those few that control world finance and trade. The IMF, Bank of International Settlements, The Crown Corporation of the City of London, The large Multinational Corporations, to mention some. They control the governments, the Courts, the National Banks, the making of laws, education, health care, media, the military, licencing, etc. They care not for the people of the World, but only for themselves and their owners.
I could go on, but I think you can see what I mean.

When an idea, such as a society no longer benefit the majority of its supporters, it will soon be abandoned. Force it on people, and it will end very unpleasant.


What I want to make people realize is that everything we have in the form of organization of society, is nothing more than ideas. These ideas have no physical presence. They exist only in our heads and in writings on paper or in computers. Therefore, they do not exist without us and our consent.

You and I were created by Nature, God or some other creative force, which we do not fully know or understand. We are our Creators Creation. Laws, governments, municipalities, courts, police, military, money, corporations, UN, IMF, etc. are all our creations (created by man). The Creator is always superior to the Creation. Therefore, logically speaking no human fictions can be binding on a person without his or her consent. See other posts in this blog if you do not understand what I mean here. For example: "The difference between you and yourself" "What is South Africa" "A different ID document" and "Open letter to "Authorities".

Freedom begins, like everything else, with an idea. The idea that you are your own master, and no one else is so. Now you can act according to that idea and start taking control of your life and try to find other like-minded people and get a "freedom ball" rolling, or you can choose to remain a voluntary slave, to people who neither deserve or are entitled to our submission . We all have different circumstances. But if no one is throwing off its chains, it will not get any better. And if one day you find yourself powerless and controlled like a machine, remember that once you had the choice to not let it go there.

I hope you will come with us, and begin to learn how you can cut the shackles you and your parents put on your legs. It starts with seeing the difference between reality and thoughts and to realize what and who you are.

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