Friday, 17 June 2016

New Blog page about Conspiracy Stuff

I just added a new page to the blog.

"Conspiracy Stuff"  see the tabs above.

This blog is not really about conspiracy, but rather what to do to deal with the effects of a larger conspiracy that is being played out on the population of Earth. But it serves us to know what we might be up against or what we may have to deal with one day.

I rather see that you read a book on Contract Law, than all the stuff I have linked to on that page.

But if you feel like putting your feet up and just be entertained a bit, knock yourself out. This beats TV at least.

If you get through all that with your sanity intact, at least there will not be much that surprises you any more.


PS. As I come across relevant material, I will add it to this page. So if this interests you, it might be worth checking back now and then.

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