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The difference between You and Yourself

We all sometimes wonder "Who am I?" or "What am I?".

Maybe I can not give full clarity in this here, but I would like to show you that you have two sides that you might not be aware of, or which you don't see as two separate things.

First and foremost, you are a product of Mother Nature or some kind of Divine Creator. We humans can not yet create life from the elements and energy, such as Nature can. We can at best manipulate Nature's creations. You were birthed by your mother as a result of the reproductive process we have among mammals. You are a living organism that exists in the real world, namely this Earth.

This is the first aspect of you. Why not call this "Yourself"? Yourself exists whether you have a name, an ID number, a birth certificate, an address, a bank account, etc. You can touch your body and feel and see that you are there. One can talk to you and (hopefully) get an intelligent answer.

Then we have the other "you". This is your "Person". Your Person does not exist without a name, an ID number, a birth certificate, registration, etc., simply because this is an artificial creation. Your Person was created in that your birth was reported and registered, not from the fact that you were born. Or if you immigrated to South Africa, you created your South African Person when you filled out all the paperwork and was accepted as South African citizens or authorized to stay in South Africa.

Your Person is a fiction, a construct, which only exists on paper (and in your head). It is an artificial person or “juristic person” (legal entity). No one can see or touch that Person. It would be like trying to touch “Eskom". Eskom is a legal entity that exists only on paper. You can not talk to "Eskom" direct, Eskom is an abstraction that lacks life, thought or creative ability. If you want to speak with Eskom, you will be speaking to a fellow man or woman, acting in a certain capacity within the Eskom abstraction. Eskom comes to life thanks to the people who are acting on behalf of Eskom. The Government is of course also such an abstraction.

The same applies to your Person. You are the one who has taken on the role to act on behalf of your Person. Without you it would not do much at all (except that the State might use it). State and other public bodies have an interest in your Person, too. But you have the greatest or paramount interest, as it could not have been created without you or your parents. Before you have reached the age of maturity, your parents are responsible for it, and when you are of age, it becomes your responsibility. Do not forget this, it could save your skin some day. You are the primary creator of your Person, as it could not exist without you. As such, you are the one with the most authority, regarding it. Some argue that this is not so, but that it is the creation and property of the State and you are just a “contributing beneficiary” of it. Be that as it may, it still is not you, but a fictional representation of you within the larger fiction of man made law, politics and commerce. Just like a token in a game of Monopoly.

We have been brought up by Big Brother to believe that we as people created by nature and the artificial person, are one and the same thing - that there is no distinction. But is it really so?
When I went to school, I learned to write my name with a capital letter first, and the rest in lower case letters, but if you look at your driver's license or passport, your Person's name is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS - like the name of a ship or a corporation (a vessel or fictional object). Your Person is a vessel on the “Sea of Commerce”.

Why do we have these two parts of us - a natural and an artificial?

As I understand it, it has to do with jurisdiction or control. All human beings are born with equal Natural or God given rights. No man or woman stands above anyone else. No one has the right to dictate what another can and can not do, as long as no harm is committed and no natural rights are violated. We are all basically on equal footing as living men and women. We are basically, in our natural capacity, each one of us, our own Nation with full sovereignty and authority over our lives. The only possible alternative is that we are born slaves.

But how would our society function if everyone went around and did what they wanted?
Well, if all were responsible for themselves and their surroundings, it would certainly work great, if we only had some basic agreements for conduct. But how many people live on such a level of responsibility, or even want that much freedom and responsibility? If we look around us today, we see examples everywhere of irresponsibility, dependency and abuse of power. Is man ready for this?

So what better than to create something that seems to be a man, but that is created wholly or partially by the State (The State is another legal / artificial person) and which therefore can be classified as a human creation (as opposed to a natural creation) and ruled over by people. And even better, which can be seen as a creation of the State, and because the Creator is superior to it's creation, so this person falls under the State's power. People created the State, so the State is of course thereby subservient to the people – but we can “of course” not let the masses understand that.

It also serves as a convenient vehicle within the fictional world of commerce, law, government, finance, etc. Through it we can easily buy stuff, get jobs in fictions like various corporations or start our own corporations, trusts etc. within the larger corporations of commerce and government.

It may even at one time have been created as a protection or "fire wall" so that we as living men and women would not be directly accosted by various individuals or agencies, but instead we would have our PERSON being targeted. A bit like someone has a Limited Liability Company to deal with a certain area of his commercial activities, so that he privately can have some value stashed away, in case it all goes tits up. Maybe we still can use it for that purpose.

We have almost perfected the picture here. But we still have the problem of "Yourself". If you were created by Nature or some God, are you not then free to choose how you interact with the State? Yes, but the government doesn't see it as its duty to inform you of how things really are, and have no interest in forming individual agreements with each living man or woman who lives in the area where it conducts its business. So if we all get instilled in us, from childhood, that we are our person and not ourselves and that we must do as the State dictates, then it is easy to get us to enter into various contracts which are presumed to have been entered into voluntarily and knowingly by all – like applying for ID documents, a driving license and passport describing us as a Person with the name in capital letters and an ID number. Or, we fill in and sign the forms that make us citizens, taxpayers, patients, etc. - all within the framework of the artificial man-made State.

All this was done voluntarily. No one twisted your arm behind your back, and threatened to break it if we did not sign, or held a gun to our head and threatened to kill us if we did not do want we were told to do. If it was like that it would make the "contract" invalid, because it is not a contract if it is not entered into knowingly and voluntary. So we have no one but ourselves to blame if we do not like the government we have today.

If a police officer is holding up your driver's license and ask "Is this you?" And you answer "Yes", then you have identified yourself as a juristic person who is believed to exist within the State and which is obliged to follow all its laws and regulations. You got yourself caught.

All this would be quite OK, if the State really worked for the good of the people and was there to provide certain services and protection. No one would have very much against contributing to a Government that acted for and on behalf of the people and who spent their money frugally, to do so.

But what do we have today? The Republic of South Africa in debt to IMF. A large amount of peoples salaries goes to taxes of which I'm sure a fair part goes to pay interest on that debt. We have a monetary system that is designed to transfer value from the people to the Banks and their owners.  A few politicians live in absolute luxury and wastefulness, while most of their people struggle to survive. E-tolls are built and forced on the people at great expense, and very little of the money collected actually goes to maintain the roads. The public sector is a joke. Try to go into a Government organisation and do anything but the simplest routine matter, and no one knows how to deal with you or is willing to take responsibility. People are waiting for ridiculous amounts of time just to get a passport or an ID. Computers or other equipment is broken and is not getting fixed or replaced. Traffic cops seems to spend most of their day soliciting cash donations. I could go on and on.

It looks as if the "elected representatives" are not doing their job as they should. If this is the case, is it not
 time then, to step out of our role as "voluntary slaves" and go back to being people of Nature instead and live according to our own terms? Why support a system that is not supporting the people supporting it?

If you believe that we live in a great society, and that those in power do an exceptionally good job, forget what you are reading here and go back to your TV and your newspaper. There is then no need to bother about this nonsense that I write about.

But if you just find this a little bit interesting - even if it seems strange and wrong, why not take some time and examine this a little more. Who knows, you may find that you are far more powerful that you ever imagined.

Here are two videos that may illustrate this more: "Meet your Strawman"


If you want a very good and very thorough explanation of this and much more on how everything has become legal fictions these days, get a drink and some popcorn and put your feet up for an hour to study this excellent video.

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