Saturday, 11 June 2016

Make your own ID

This is about how we can identify ourselves the way we like – without stepping into some presumed or assumed role within the fiction of THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, or wherever we happens to be. Se the article “The difference between you and yourself” if this seems confusing.

I have written a bit in this blog about how we have two sides to us. One which really is us - a living man or woman (hereafter I will use “man” to mean a member of mankind, which includes women) who can do all sorts of things - which can be seen and touched, and an artificial Person who exists only on paper and in the man-made fantasy world that only resembles reality, and which only contains things dreamed up by man, which we hopefully agree with.
One could illustrate this by mentioning the laws that say what you can and cannot do in traffic. The laws exist only on paper. They have no basis in reality. They are dreamed up by people. When people later act in accordance with these laws on our physical roads, this is then something that takes place in the physical reality. The law is a theory, the practising of it, is a real action.

Your passport, driving license, ID card, etc. are all papers that identifies your artificial "Person", and connects you to it. Since your "Person" has a name that seems to be the same as your name, most people think the artificial person and they are one and the same thing. But if you think about this a little bit, I think you will realize, this is not the case.

I listened once to an interesting program about children who had been taken care of by animals. One case was a girl born to drunken parents in Russia. One day she crawled away and was adopted by some wolves and lived with them until the age of 4. As a wolf-child she had no name or social security number. She could not talk, but probably understood the wolves' language. She was a human being but not a person (perhaps there was a name of a missing person somewhere in some archives - but as long as she lived in the wild with her wolves there was no connection.


I do not want to be seen as a person within the artificial society, but rather as a living, breathing man of nature, which only temporarily parttake in the game which takes place within the artificial world of credit, commerce, documents, titles, laws and regulations, etc. - when I choose to do so. I realized that Dean Clifford was right when he said, "If you show an ID card issued by the government, you therefore acknowledge that you exist and operate within that artificial world and all its laws and regulations apply to you."

Therefore, I got this idea to create my own Identity Document. I have a paper like the section below, in the car, or which I take with me to court hearings, to assert my special position, if I feel the need to. I do not take it to the tax office, or when I go to open a bank account - because then I am acting as my Person within their system and can only be seen as a "Person".

And when I write to authorities or companies trying to blackmail me into giving up some cash, I often include a copy, to make clear that I am addressing them as the man I am and do not subject myself to their supposed "authority".

I have used the ID below mainly in correspondence in the UK, but also in one interaction with the police and in Courts. It has been seen by lawyers, Clerks of Courts, Judges and various police officers. Not one has ever challenged it or the data in it. Some has commented on it, but most prefer to ignore it. They ignore it because they are acting within the realm of fiction, and this document asserts my standing and rights, with me standing outside their world.

Here is my own ID documents. A little longer than an ID card, because I do not want any unexpressed assumptions in the picture:


All words carry the meaning assigned by undersigned.

I am an immortal spirit who is present on the Earth and in the realm of the tangible through a male body of the species Homo Sapiens.

I am “Me” as defined above. I am not a name. I am not my body. I am not anything man made.

My body is the product of Life/Nature/God. Allegedly birthed by my mother the 30th day of March 1956 in a taxi somewhere north of Gothenburg in Sweden. My mothers name is Lizzy and my fathers name is Bengt. Them as well as me, are of the family line that bears the name “Bengtsson”.

The name my parents gave me was Kent, and as a backup Erik.

These names are not to be confused with the name of the Legal Fiction/Corporation/Trust/Juristic Person Mr. Kent Bengtsson, KENT ERIK BENGTSSON, Mr. K. BENGTSSON, or any other name, spelling or capitalization variation thereof. It is my understanding that I am the chief creator of that entity and the one with the paramount interest in same – the Settlor & co-Beneficiary, or Main Shareholder, depending on the law form it is seen in.

As a man created by Nature and acting in the realm of the tangible Universe, I recognize no power superior to me, other than which created me.

Since I was not created by any man (Man: A member of the Human Race, no matter what sex or race) or man made group, I do not recognize any man or man made fiction (such as man made Law, a Government or any International Organization, such as the European Union or United Nations) to have any authority over me (except by express agreement) as long as I do no harm and respect the natural rights of my fellow man. Nor am I aware of having entered into any agreement, willingly, voluntarily and knowingly, with any man or such a fictitious entity, to be subject to his or it's asserted authority, rules or laws at all times.

If you claim authority over me, please produce proof of claim or a damaged party (in the form of another fellow man) that I have harmed through my action or inaction, for whom you are acting.
If you have a claim against the Legal Fiction/Corporation/Trust MR KENT BENGTSSON, please provide proof that I was involved in the action that led to the charge and that I acted as this legal entity at the time of the alleged offence, and not in my sovereign capacity as a living man.
If you violate my natural inalienable human rights without producing proof of claim or an injured party, you are causing me harm, and may be dealt with accordingly.

I seek to live in peace and balance with my fellow man and other life forms with whom I share this Earth.

As a creature of this Earth, I understand it is my right to travel this Earth freely, whether on land, water or in the air, by any mode of transport I chose, as long as I do no or minimal harm to my fellow creatures of this Earth. I do not see how any man made fictitious entity, such as a Government, has any right to interfere with my right to roam the Earth, and believe no such right exists.

Please Turn Over

This is a picture of the face of my body:                          This is my body's right thumb print, made in                                                                                                            it's blood:

                                                                                           No permission is granted to extract DNA
                                                                                           from this blood.

These are samples of how I may sign
my autograph:

The above is true according to my understanding at the time of autographing this Declaration.

Sworn and autographed under my own private unlimited liability, this ________ day of _______ 2016 (Two Thousand and Sixteen, AD) :

Before these two witnesses, who knows me:

- - - - - - - - - - -

You may copy this document in order to make your own, if you like.  Just make sure you delete all data that are referring to me or my person.  Feel free to alter it to suit your beliefs and views of the world.

And last, as well as least,
and for no particular reason,
some music:


  1. Hi Kent, just came across this today... very interesting, just wondering if it works / has worked and if you might be interested in sharing your knowledge of the above declaration with a worldwide audience on our radio show? regards Steven

  2. Hi Steven,
    You did not leave any link or contact details. Please let me know. I would not mind talking about this, although I'm far from the most knowledgeable or any big "Guru" in this field.
    Whether it works, or not, depends very much on oneself and ones settings of the personal "BS filter".

    I use this mainly when I am not interested in appearing or acting as the juristic person, State issued IDs identify.