Friday, 9 September 2016

How Truth-Seeking will affect You.

What to expect if you stand up to the System.

What does it mean to live your life as a truth- or freedom-seeker?

Well that depends on a number of things, like your own state of mind, how combative or laid-back you are, if you want to take a stand about lots of things, or are happy just reading and listening.

But before we get into special cases, lets just look at what to expect generally.

We all have people with very fixed viewpoints on life, around us. They may be family, neighbours, friends and people we work with. They may feel threatened or worried about the idea that the Government, the Public Service, Media, the Education System, the Justice System, and the Medical Establishment, is not always there for the general good of the people, and that the people that control these organisations have used them to misinform us, to enrich themselves, to dumb us down, to make us sicker and to focus on trivial things like celebrity gossip, sports, gadgets, TV series, partying, etc. etc.
They will not readily be willing to face the fact that they have been manipulated like this, and will insist that it is we the “conspiracy theorists” that has got it all wrong. And again, depending on their state of mind, they may just politely stay out of any arguments, or they will make it their mission to convince you how wrong you have been, or to make fun of you for being so stupid that you believe “that crap”.

Personally I never had an issue with the people around me, or even “public servants” that I have dealt with in my trials of various strategies. I think this comes down to a combination of a thick skin and a friendly and accepting attitude.

I have gone against the stream, one way or another, for most of my life, and I stopped caring about what other people thought about how I lived my life, a long time ago. If I lived my life according to the wishes of those around me – would I even be having a life of my own?

But enough about me.

You can expect to lose or see less of some friends, that does not share your rebellious streak and your suspicious attitude towards everything “official”. You can expect sarcasm and jokes aimed at you. Expect the odd sigh followed by rolling eyes.

When dealing with people working for the Police, Taxman, Courts, Councils, Vehicle Registration, etc. you will be dealing with people who get paid to perform a narrow function in those organizations. They cannot be seen to support you or give you any more leeway than they give others. They will generally be courteous and polite, but might occasionally take a dislike to you (often based on your attitude toward them) and give you a very hard time.

They may treat you as if you were an idiot or a fool who have fallen for some false ideas spread on the internet. They may act as if their rules and procedures are the only valid ones that applies to anything, and what you do (even if you use the same principles as they do) is of no consequence.

But when you hit the nail on the head and present them with truths they cannot argue with, they will become silent. They will not respond. This no response can be in the form of silence, or no more letters. It can also be in the form of coming back at you with something else that does not have any relevance to what you brought up, This is an effort to get off the hook and to get you to abandon your point. Do not fall for it. Insist they answer your actual point. It does not matter if it is an interaction with a Judge in a Court Room or if it is a letter conversation with a debt collector or a parking company.

Point out that they have not responded “in substance” (as required concerning the matter at hand) and give them two more opportunities to do so and add the wording that if they cannot (prove, show, substantiate, etc.) whatever they claim, they agree that you are (right, innocent, without blame, owed something, etc.).

Expect that you will end up in the archives of various agencies who spy on the population or who try to keep tabs on “Enemies of the State”. Assume that your phone calls are being scanned for keywords and recorded, and that your E-mails and other electronic communication will be intercepted and read. If you have blogs, websites or accounts in social media, assume someone is watching what you say and share. I had a site under my own domain some years ago, and when people clicked on it in facebook, a warning pop-up from Norton Antivirus appeared saying this site was a known hazard or that visitors might get malware there. Now I use Blogger owned by Google, which they cannot treat like that.

Is this a problem? Depends how “under the radar” you want to be. I have long ago made myself clear as to what I think and what I stand for. So do not worry about it. I have no dependants any more, so if they come and take me away (which I consider very unlikely) no one else gets seriously affected.

Do not write or say things you are not willing to take the consequences for. You may believe a lot of things to be true, but if you cannot prove it, treat it as hearsay or a theory, even if a likely one, and say so.
Use disclaimers in language or notices. There are a lot of people in the “Truth or Freedom Movement” who are not that bright (as can be observed by the amount of followers of the Flat Earth Theory) and they may do stupid things with what you teach, and when it goes wrong they may blame you for their plight.

If you become really popular with thousands of followers, and your method is simple and effective in things like getting people out of jail, getting them to win in Court, getting them to set off debts with alternative means, defeat Banks in Court, or bringing corrupt public officials to justice. There is a good chance that you will be arrested on some bogus charges, and be railroaded in Court and put in Jail – unless you know how to hold your own in that situation (if you are lucky enough to not be in a total police state).

If you do a debt verification process on your unsecured loans and it all goes well, and everyone gives up eventually, you may be tempted to do the next “logical” step – do the same on your Mortgage or Car Loan. Go ahead if you like. But I have seen at least two fellow freedom seekers lose their houses doing this. They got themselves into this long before they were at a point where they could handle the deep water they were getting into. Do not forget that the Bankers rule the World and that they probably are the best customers for the Court System.

When you are consistently successful in getting wins against the State or Banks in the Courts, and you know exactly everything about the “loan” process and can prove it – you may give the Mortgage a try. Preferably on a test property or for someone who will for sure lose their house following the conventional process, so has nothing to lose by trying your method.

I have seen a good number of people lose interest or give up, because “it became too hard” or they met resistance from various directions. Or it was not as easy to get remedy as they had hoped. Or they felt their family or children were at risk. They of course have every right to make that choice.

It may all seems so logical, so crystal clear and so simple when one sits in front of ones own computer at home. But when you stand in front of some aggressive bailiffs and police officers or a Judge that will not give you any slack, but will be happy to plead for you, speak for you, witness for you and in the same breath claim you are getting a fair trial, then it is a different ball game. Some people decide this is more than they are willing to deal with, and give up on this “Freeman stuff”. You will forget 99% of what you know in the safety of your study or room, when you end up in a heated situation like I just described.

You are also likely to become a bit obsessed with your quest. You may find yourself going to the toilet in the middle of the night and spend the next two hours having a conversation with a Judge in your head, as you lay there in the dark unable to let go of the subject.

You will start seeing lies and manipulation in almost anything you encounter in your daily life. It can be as simple as asking yourself why you are obediently sitting there in your car in front of that red lamp on a post, across from you, when there are no other cars around that would be affected in any way if you just ignored that red light and drove on. Or you will see the hidden message in crime drama series, medical dramas or even child programs on TV. And when some news about a new war, shooting, bad weather, earthquake, unrest, etc. are shouted from the rooftops by mainstream media, you knee jerk reaction will most likely be that this is an orchestrated or caused event by those that want to keep us worried and enslaved.

When you look to the skies, and se some cloud that looks a little bit different, you will jump to the conclusion that it is created by the ongoing geoengineering programs. If it is unusually rainy or there is a drought on, you will be sure that it has been engineered to make us ill, miserable, poorer or to kill us all slowly.

When you catch a cold or a flu, you may think it has been cooked up in some lab somewhere by men in white coats who then go and spread it in airports the world around or on undergrounds and trains.

If an old parent or relative gets alzheimers, cancer, etc. you will think “If it wasn't for those greedy bastards in the food and medical industries, s/he might still enjoy a decent life now.”

When (if) you pay your electricity or gas bill, or fill up your car, you will be inclined to think “If Nicola Tesla's inventions from over a hundred years ago had not been suppressed, we would all be enjoying clean, harmless free energy now.”

Your thinking will be diagonally opposite to what most people think or the way they react to things that happen. Which makes it a bit hard to make small talk at times, and you cannot help yourself in trying to bend the conversation towards questions about why things are like they are and what are the underlying causes for things.

The Positive.

The above have for the most part been dealing with the negative side of being a “Freedom Fighter”, “Truther” or “Freedom Seeker”. But it is far from the whole picture.

Since we were children and our parents and teachers ordered us about and told us what we can and can't do, until adulthood when bosses, public officials, police, etc. tells us what we must do, we have been trained to obey orders and directives without questioning the logic behind them or whether the one issuing the order had any moral right to do so. We have “learned” that “resistance is futile” when the State makes a claim or orders something.

So with all that in mind, just imagine the boost one gets with even the smallest victory – like having a parking ticket cancelled or a debt collector or bailiff back off.

And if you can get through a session in Magistrates Court without stepping into the shoes of the “legal fiction” referred to as “The Defendant” and walk out unmolested, things really start to feel great, and you confidence gets a great boost, and you lose a lot of fear for these people and all their uniforms, robes, high seats and guards. That is in my book priceless.

If on top of this you have had some deep spiritual experience, like a near death experience, or other event or therapy that has made it clear to you that you are not your body, but you are a soul that has a body, and that you cannot die, but are an immortal spirit – then there is not much that will scare you or intimidate you.

Losing the fear and realizing that those poor souls that rely on a title or a gun to get respect, are just ordinary people like you and me, makes a big difference to ones confidence, happiness and courage.

Let me just end off with a few comments about our “opponents”.

We will never come face to face with the creatures that are the root cause of this very faulty system we have today. We may face a few sociopaths or psychopaths, who work for them, but on the whole we will be dealing with people that are our brothers and sisters of this Earth, and who are acting in a way they believe is correct. They may not have come to some vital realizations yet. They still have a lot of waking up to do. But that does not make them evil. Most of you who read this may have been there yourselves, not that long ago.

Some people who claim to have “woken up” are full of hate and anger and their language and attitude is not pretty. They think they have the right to be nasty and derogatory about those that are still asleep “within the Matrix” - for no other reason than having been lied to all their lives. As much as I can see that viewpoint, I do not agree with it.

Hate creates more hate. Emotions are contagious – both negative and positive ones. If we want a better and more fair world, it is not going to come about through hate and animosity. We do not only create our own emotions, we also do so to a degree in our fellow man – depending how we make him feel.

One can do this in a friendly manner, with love in ones heart. This does not mean one will be a push-over or doormat. One can be friendly but firm. One can stand ones ground with love in ones heart, without giving an inch.

Lose your fear, and there is no reason to be antagonistic any more. Anger and antagonism is often a kind of defence mechanism. I have had more success with a friendly attitude than the few times I have tried an antagonistic one. That goes for the tone of a letter too.

A Judge may try to wind you up so that you lose your cool and become angry. He knows angry people are off balance and not as logical as calm and collected ones. Do not fall into that trap.

Know the good in yourself and see the good in others. Many a “Public Servant” knows the system is broken and in his or her heart supports what you do, as long as you do not make them your enemy or harm others. Make the system or what is wrong with it your enemy, not the poor souls trapped by it.

Do well!



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