Saturday, 8 August 2020

Notice regarding my rights

 It seems the wheels have been set in motion now, to change all countries on Earth and implement a more open central control of our lives. We may get a future where the ignorant will find s/he have no rights when it comes to his / her own body and very limited rights to travel and conduct business. It may even be so that those who have taken precautions to be exempt from such control, will be met with brute force, unless they are members of certain "Elite groups".

We are however not at such a point yet, and for all we know, such a future may not happen.  But if we listen to what the "movers and shakers" say, and have said for a long time, we can see that it would be prudent to take any precautions to prevent such a scenario.

One very universal viewpoint of law, is that if one is presented with something one does not like, but do not say NO! or express ones disagreement or withhold ones consent, it is understood as agreement to what was presented.

Another maxim of law is that "Actions speak louder than words".  So if you comply with the rules dreamed up by the people that act as government, department of justice, etc. then you are assumed to have given your consent.

However, assumptions and presumptions can be destroyed by simply expressing what one understands and agrees with, and not.

Put into the equation that the burden of proof rests on the one making a claim, such as "The law applies" and not the other way around, then one should preferably word anything in such a way that one does not have to prove things, but that any opponent that claims something must prove their claim.

So it is up to each one of us to stand up for our rights and get an agreement from those that want to bind us or enslave us, that they do not have the right to do so and that we do not agree with their presumptions and assumptions that we do agree to be ruled and bossed around by them.

For this reason I have made up a notice that I intend to sent to a few key players - letting them know where I stand with regard to myself, my body and my legal person, and if they do not agree with what I understand to be the way things are, to present me with proof that destroys my presumptions.
And if they cannot provide such proof, they agree that I am correct and they cannot do what they want to me and my possessions, no matter how many "laws" they dream up.

Here is the Notice. I have intentionally written it in a manner that is pretty conversant and relaxed, as I am speaking as the man that I am, and I am speaking to those of my fellow men that will receive this. The ones opening the mail, will probably not be educated in law or the inner workings of the system, so I am hoping I write in a way they can understand and thus get them to think about these issues themselves.  If one understands something, one is less likely to write if off as nonsense, and throw it in the dustbin.


To:  Each man, woman or juristic person who may be affected by the things brought up below.

Note:  All words in this notice carry the meaning assigned by undersigned. No legal or statutory definitions may be assumed to apply. If something is not clear, please contact undersigned for clarification.

Since the UK Government have implemented exceptional measures aimed at limiting the spread of the pathogen claimed to re responsible for the Covid-19 condition, which appear to remove our Natural Rights that we are born with, I need some clarification, as well as make clear where I stand in relation to all this.

It is my understanding that: 

I am a creation of Mother Nature or some other divine creator, which I do not fully know or understand. Man is one of the living organisms that has evolved on the Earth. Our creator gave us pretty free reigns as to where and how we live, and seem to let us be in charge of our own lives and destiny, as long as we live in harmony or balance with the other life forms with which we share this planet, as can be observed in Nature.

All men (Man: any member of mankind, whether male, female or a child) were created equal and in possession of inalienable natural rights, which no other man or group of men may remove. The only exception may be where someone has violated those same rights of his fellow Man, and thus has with his/her actions shown that he/she does not deserve the protection of these rights. This means that no man can be another man’s master and by the same token, no man can be another’s slave.

The Creator is senior to or superior to the Creation.

Fictions created by Man, such as man made laws, regulations, guidelines, governments, councils, corporations, trusts, EU, UN, WHO, IMF, commercial instruments, money, credit, and other such fictions, are of a lesser order than their creator – which is Man.  Thus they can only apply to a living Man if that Man consents to them having power over him/her. Since this is such a basic and important thing, this consent need to be expressed and recorded, and cannot be assumed or construed.

Involuntary Servitude is no longer practised in today’s society. Only voluntary servitude is lawful.

If a man made fiction is meddled with, so that it no longer acts or serves in the manner it was first intended, the people who agreed to consent to it or obey it in the past, has the right to withdraw any and all consent, obedience and support from it.

Taking the above points into consideration, all interaction between different people, between people and legal/juristic persons and between legal/juristic persons of equal standing, must be knowing, voluntary and agreed upon, with no use of force, threat or blackmail.

A Man can give up his natural rights to some degree, by contract or agreement – such as in martial arts or boxing competitions, where the participants can practice certain violence against each other. But even there we have rules for what can and cannot be done and how one can give up, and thereby have the right to not be harmed any more.
Or when one enters into an employment and agrees to take a role subservient to other roles within, or the owner, of the company.  But also there we do have a contract and terms for cancelling it. Also most such employer employee relationships involve an agreed amount of compensation in exchange for certain hours of performance or certain tasks being carried out.  No compensation – no duty to perform.

If you, who are reading this, think that I am wrong in any of these understandings, please show me where and how I am wrong. I am writing this as the living natural man I am, and not in any fictional role or office within the fictions invented by man.  Such as the juristic person MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON who has the NI Number AB12345678C, or any other such fiction. Thus you cannot use any “law”, rules, statutes, etc. conceived by the minds of my fellow men. You may only use easily observable facts or laws of Nature.

If you cannot show any such indisputable facts that can be observed or demonstrated in the tangible universe, you agree that my my understandings above are true, correct and valid.

My Rights

As far as I can recall, I have not entered into any agreement or contract(s) where I with full  knowledge of all relevant facts, commitments, terms and consequences, have willingly and voluntarily agreed to, whether as the living man I am or in the capacity of the juristic person MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON, subjugate myself to any man made fiction, such as the UK Government, the Crown Corporation, Her Majesty the Queen, EU, UN, WHO, etc. etc.  These are all of a lesser standing than a Man in that they are the products of the minds of men.  I am a man in the tangible physical reality – they are fictions that only exists on paper and in the minds of men. They lack life and substance and can only exist as long as the real living people believe in them or grant them validity by believing in them or by using them or obeying the people who act in the capacity of these fictions.

If you think I am wrong here, please let me know when, where and how I was presented with all the facts and relevant information regarding my interaction with such entities and how I expressed my consent to be governed by them or perform for them without compensation or gave them free reign to make decisions for me and control what I may or may not do – as long as I cause no harm to my fellow man. Please also show me when, where and how I was given the information on how to break up this relationship, should I wish to do so.  Please show this with my original signature and the signatory of the one acting for these fictions.

If this has not been done, and there are no express agreement or contract, that fulfils all the required components of a lawful contract, I do not see how I have any obligation to obey any Acts of Parliament or other rules within the legal/juristic persons of The United Kingdom, The Crown, EU, UN, WHO or any other similar constructs outside the physical realm – no matter if currently existing or future ones.  This also removes any presumed or assumed rights these institutions believe they have with regard to doing anything at all to or with my body, no matter how such actions would be justified. The only exception would be in cases where I have cancelled my own rights by violating the rights of my fellow men, and done them actual intentional harm.

If you cannot show such agreements or contracts, then I have to conclude that I am in full possession of my Natural / God given rights, which I was born with. For example, the right to travel freely where I please on land, water or in the air. Or doing what I please with my own body and other property. And to form agreements or chose not to, with other people or juristic persons, such as corporations, municipal corporations, governments, and other organizations or entities, as I please and without interference or demands from any uninvited third party.

Regarding my legal person MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON

Here is what is allegedly a quote from a judgement in the US from the late 1700’s.  I include it here, not as proof of anything, but as it expresses the the order of things in a way that makes sense to me.

“a. "Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction,
and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other
artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance,
is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The
legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law,
agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than
corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them."* S.C.R.
1795, **Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators 3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall.
54;* and,

b. "the contracts between them" involve U.S. citizens, which are deemed as
Corporate Entities:

c. "Therefore, the U.S. citizens residing in one of the states of the union,
are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an
"individual entity"",* Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L.Ed.
1143, 56 S.Ct. 773”

As I understand it, the legal person was created in an attempt to bring the free living people into the  realm of man made fictions, where they could be construed to be holding a junior position and thus be considered liable to comply with all the internal policy of these fictions. To make people believe they are this legal person, the same name was given to it, as the name of the man or woman it represents, although the legal persons name seem to be mostly written in upper case letters, or with a title or number attached.

As living men cannot enter  into the fictional world of corporations, trusts, body politics, associations, etc. (words on paper) any more than a living man can step into the world of a computer game, he or she needs an “avatar” to act in his place when using the fictions to conduct business or transactions in the realm of these fictions, just like one needs one to act in a computer game.

My legal person appears to be MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON.  The spelling is in upper case letters like the name on a headstone on a grave, maybe this is done to signify that it is a dead entity or maybe there is some other explanation.  I will assume that in all correspondence received from any of the man made fictions, it is the legal person that is addressed, as the fictions cannot see their creator or something outside their boundaries. Which a living man or woman would be.

As most transactions today are done within the fictional realm, each man need to be given a legal person in order to interact with other men or with other legal fictions such as corporations, and this is listed as a human right in the UN declaration of human rights. “One has the right to be recognized as a person”.  So if one has that right, the opposite must equally be true, that one has the right not to be recognized as a person.

We were not taught about these things in school or directed to places where we can learn about these things later in life, which at least appears deceptive, if not fraudulent. Instead we seem to be assumed, from the viewpoint of the people acting for the man made fictions, to always be acting as the legal person and always as men be in that role – which makes the man and the legal fiction more or less the same.  But is that really so? How can it be so?  From where I sit, it cannot be so.

In fact I very seldom act in the capacity of the legal person KENT ERIK BENGTSSON, but in most situation I am acting as the living man I am, who possess a set of inalienable natural rights, which no man, group of men and certainly no fiction have the authority to remove.

Again, if you believe I am wrong in my conclusions and understandings above, please show me where and how I am wrong, backed by indisputable facts that can be observed in the tangible physical reality, or in the form of a lawful contract.  If you cannot do this, you agree that I am correct.

Based on the above, I assume that my legal person is a Trust, a Corporation or seen as an Office within one of the man made fictions. I find a Trust the most likely as there is no duty to inform a beneficiary of a Trust, about the details of the trust. I also assume that I, as a man, is seen as the beneficiary, the Fiduciary or the Trustee of this trust, depending on the situation and what the various public bodies that contact the Trust wants, as the situation may be. There being no mutually agreed upon contract or even Trust Indentures, they probably feel they can construe the roles to be what is of most benefit for them.

However, since this entity could not be created without me being born and without my parents registering my birth, I can only conclude that I am the Settlor/Trustor of this trust, since I am now of mature age, and have taken over the responsibility for it from my parents.  As such I am the paramount interest holder and the one with the highest authority with regard to the legal person MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON. It represents my value as a living man and my birthright and share of my country of birth (which most likely still resides in Sweden).   I am also a beneficiary of this Trust, as I need it in order to conduct business through The United Kingdom and other such fictions.
As a Trust is not a Trust if all positions are held by one and the same individual, I can not see that I am the Trustee, as that would collapse the Trust. Thus I can only conclude that someone holding office within one of the man made fictions is the Trustee.  Also to be the Trustee, I would need to be informed of the appointment, be aware of the rules of the Trust, be educated to manage a Trust, have accepted the appointment of Trustee and be compensated for my work as a Trustee. None of which has been done.

As the Settlor of this Trust, I require that I am fully informed as to the nature of and all relevant aspects of this Trust (if it is not a Trust, then please let me know what my legal person is and why). Full disclosure please. Please let me know where I can access this information. If you fail to do this, then I may express this trust and dictate the rules of the Trust, corporation or whatever juristic person it is.

I want to make it clear here that I only occasionally act in the capacity of the legal person MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON. In most situations I am acting in my natural capacity as one of Mother Natures or Gods creations, acting in the tangible physical reality, unfettered by man made fictions and rules. If I travel on public roads or elsewhere, I am doing so as a man, even if I for my own and others safety follow most of the traffic regulations, and even if my car has a DVLA number plate.
If I am doing monetary transaction via the mechanisms within the man made fictions, I am of course acting as my legal person at that moment.

Furthermore, as involuntary servitude is no longer considered a lawful practice, I have the right to be compensated for all I do. This include the work I do for MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON.
To my knowledge I have not agreed to act in the capacity of this legal person, without compensation.  If I have done so in the past, it has been because I was not aware of the nature of myself, me legal person and the man made fictions and how they interact, since I was never informed of this.

Thus I hereby announce that from now on I will not act in this capacity any more, without first having an agreement in place as to how much I need to be paid for the actions I am asked to do. The price for this will vary depending on the task at hand. And since I have not been dealt with honourably in many interactions with various entities within the State, I require to be paid up front, before I will perform. No payment – no duty to perform.

I further assume that on the private side of my legal person there may be an estate that is managed for “my benefit” that has not been disclosed to me, and that there may be considerable wealth accumulated in my name there. I would like to get full disclosure regarding this. Reference the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.
I am not holding my breath in wait for this to happen, but it should be said and I have now done so. It is my hope that you or someone appropriate will honour this request.

In conclusion

The above should pretty much cover what I can and cannot do as a man or when I act in the capacity of my legal person.

Others that have done similar notices, have often included long lists of things that they consider to be their rights – such as carrying weapons, own or use narcotics, grow, possess or use any herb or natural substance that may be considered illegal within the man made fictions in places, curing oneself with methods or substances that are not allowed to be used by people when they act in the capacity of their legal person, drive without a driving licence or safely exceed speed limits, etc. etc.

I will not do this, as I would probably forget some points, and I also believe that as a man I am free to go about my life and enjoy my property without interference from others, as long as I cause minimal harm to others and act in a responsible and considerate manner.

So for this reason, I require you, the State/Crown and any public or private organization that believes it has the right to regulate what I can and cannot do, to tell me what I as a living Man, and creation of Mother Nature / God, acting outside any man made fictions in the tangible physical reality, cannot do, if I do no, or minimal harm to my fellow man.
Please back your statement by facts that can be easily observed and understood in the tangible reality, away from anything fictional.

If you, or anyone you may forward this to, fails in providing such facts or evidence, you agree that my Natural Rights are whole and complete and are a part of me, that no man or group of men or their invented fictions, has any right to meddle with. You agree that my body is mine and I have the final say in what can be done to it. You further agree that no denial of rights or freedoms can be made to either me as a man or to my legal person as a result of me not wanting to do certain things to my body, such as future vaccination or chip implants.

I am looking forward to your complete and substantial reply to this notice, that will cover all points raised above.  You have 30 days to provide this. If such a reply has not been received by me within 30 days of proof of mailing of this notice, then your silence will be understood as agreement with all that has been stated above.

Sincerely and without ill will.

Autograph:__________________________________________ Date:_______________________
Kent of the Bengtsson family, a living free sovereign man of this Earth. Settlor and main Beneficiary of the legal person / Trust MR KENT ERIK BENGTSSON

_ _ _ _ _

Then after 30 days if you have not had the kind of reply required, send a second a reminder and a copy of this again.  Then a third reminder and then send them a "Notice of Estoppel" that explains that they have not responded in substance to the notice (meaning they have not answered any questions or provided the proof required) and in accordance with the terms presented they have now agreed that the things presented in the notice are correct and true, and that they now have no legal or lawful right to.......(as per what the now agreed notice).

Do all by at least signed for mail, so you have the post office as a witness. Get the label ahead of mailing from the post office, and take one of the small stickers from it and attach it to the notice, and attach the other small label to your own original. That way you have reference numbers for the matter and the post office as a kind of witness. Keep paper copies of everything in a file. Such as the printout from the signed for letters delivery from the PO website, as proof of delivery, etc.  If you will have to use this in a court of law one day, you will look like an absolute fool, if you papers are not in order.
It might be a good idea to have your signing of the notice witnessed by two people who knows you, but are not family.

If you want to be even more thorough, find someone who is willing to be your "mail witness". This person would mail it for you and then sign a paper that s/he did it at so and so time and place, and there would be a stipulation in the notice that all responses will have to be mailed to that mail witness, who again will sign a paper that s/he received it at a certain date, and forwarded it to you.
Now it is not just your word and the Post Office tracking, but a third independent witness that attest to how things have been done. This latter is most likely an overkill.

I suggest you alter this notice to express your understandings in a way that you would say it, and of course add the addressee and sender, etc.  And remove my names, numbers etc. or you will not seem at all competent and will be disregarded.

Will they reply.  Most likely not. Or they will respond that this is some rubbish from the internet and they do not have to respond to things like this. Or the addressee will not respond, but some junior office worker will tell you to piss off. The possibilities are infinite.

If the response is not what you have requested, tell them so and that you regard what they responded with as a non-response, and give them the opportunity to respond properly.

The words in this notice just expresses my understanding and you can and should use what you think is relevant for you. There is no secret formula for how to do or word things.  The people who are pulling the strings in this system are just dreaming up shit themselves. If they can, we can.

Here is the cover letter I have sent to 3 men and women who hold positions of seniority in the UK Government. Note that it is addressed to them in their private capacity and not to the office they hold. As I do not write this as someone who is within their fiction (The UK) but as a living man to another living man.

Again, alter this to say things your way and according to your understanding. Note how I write addresses. The address is again a fiction within the greater fiction called the UK. So one should write it in such a way that one sets oneself as separate from it.  I also boxed in the post code, as that separates it from the rest of the document in a legal sense.

 "Kent of the
Bengtsson family,
a man.
Can be reached via:
My House, My Street,
My Town
[AB12 3CD]

To:  The man Rishi Sunak, acting as: 20 August 2020
Lord Chancellor and
Secretary of State for Justice

c/o Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France
London  [ SW1H 9AJ ]

Re:  Attached Notice, for your information, consideration and response.

Dear Rishi,

Due to what appears to be attempts to set aside or circumvent each man’s, woman’s and child’s God given / Natural rights, that  we all were born with (as can be seen in this ongoing lockdown and the talks of vaccinating the whole population for a disease that seem to have less than a half percent mortality in the general population) I have sent you the enclosed Notice, for you to inspect and respond to.

It states what I understand my rights as a man are, and if anyone does not agree I have these rights, it gives them the opportunity to prove that stance with facts.

I require that you or someone competent that you assign, will take the time to read the notice, and either acknowledge that I am correct in my assumptions, or to point out where I am wrong and how, backed by evidence that clearly show how I am wrong.  No response will be interpreted as silent acquiescence, and agreement with my understandings of how things are.

You have a generous 30 days to respond in substance to the notice – after which, if no such response has been received you agree that my understandings expressed in the notice are correct and that no employees or agents of the UK Government or The Crown, has the right to interfere with those rights or put conditions on them.


Kent of the Bengtsson family, a living man of this Earth."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Sorry about the slightly scrambled format of that letter. I can't figure out how to make it right)

Again this is just posted here as a guideline. Anything you send to anyone will be your communication and responsibility, so make sure you only do and say things you fully understand and can respond to if questioned.

Good luck and have fun with it.


Monday, 6 April 2020

You and "The State".

For those of you that are familiar with this blog, you know that I am to a large degree trying to install in people the fact that Governments, their "laws", and various institutions that form part of the Government, are nothing but ideas and beliefs, that a lot of people have been sold on.

Since these things are created by people like you and me, and they have no physical presence in the tangible world, they are really only a phenomena of the mind and only exists in our minds and as writings produced by our minds.

To me and some others this is pretty clear.

But since some people have been raised in the mindset that "The Government" is real, powerful and almost "almighty" and are so stuck in that paradigm, that they cannot see truth outside it, I like to now and then post things from within their system that confirms that it is all fiction. Such things can also be very handy to stick under the nose of those who work in Government, so they can see what is stated within their own system.

I just came across this definition of "The State" from the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

The State should not be viewed as a form of association that subsumes (includes or places within something larger) or subordinates all others.

The State is not an entity, who's interests match closely onto the interests of the groups and individuals that falls under it's authority, but has interests of it's own.

The State is, to some extent at least, an alien power. Though it is a human construction, it is not within human control.

The State is not there to secure peoples deepest interests and it does not serve to unify them, reconcile them with one another, bring their competing interests into harmony or realize any important good, such as justice, freedom or peace.

While it's power may be harnessed from time to time, that will serve the interest of some - not the interest of all.

The State is thus an institution through which institutions and groups seek to exercise power. Though it is not the only such institution. But it is also an institution that exercises power over individuals and groups.

The State is ultimately an abstraction, for it has no existence as a material object, is not confined to a particular space, and is not embodied in any person or collection of persons. Also, the question now is, what does it mean to say that The State is a corporate entity?

The State is a corporation in a way that the people or the public cannot be."

There it is in plain english.
Note some use of words in the definition.   Like "...groups and individuals that falls under it's authority..."   and at the end   " a way that people or the public cannot be."   Dose that now demonstrate that these are different classes of entities or beings?

Note that it admits that it is a Corporation.  Now who must do what a corporation says? Only the people employed or hired by it, and only when being paid to do so or otherwise contractually bound to perform for it. 
When did you get employed or hired by the Government (unless you actually am such an employee)?
When did you get paid for doing what the Government wants you to do?
What is your schedule, when you work for the Government?

If you do not have a clearly laid out contract of employment or performance, if you do not get paid for acting in accordance with it and if there is no allocated time for when you have to do this, how can anything this corporation say or claim have any influence on you. Unless you are silly enough to obey it anyway?

Give this some good thought. Understanding this may get you out som some tight spots in the future.

Good Luck.


PS.  Some have asked where to find this text. I did eventually stumble across it on a site where academics published their writings. The full document can be found here:

Thursday, 9 January 2020

A different approach to Income Tax

I just filed the income tax return for my legal person

In doing so, I deducted all expenses I could prove by way of receipts, account statements or other records of financial transactions in this name. No matter if they were business expenses or "private" expenses.

So this is basically a test of a method I have figured out myself, based on the principle that a man does not stand within the fictions of Law and Government, except by express agreement/contract.
It also supposes that no man (man, as in member of mankind) is a slave today and that therefore  Involuntary Servitude is not lawful.

Since MR KENT BENGTSSON does not exist in the tangible physical reality, but is an entity in the two-dimensional world of "words on paper" (In other words "a fiction") it needs a living man to conduct it's affairs. That living man is me.

And since we do not today practice slavery, no one can be expected to perform work without compensation, unless an expressed agreement to that effect already exists for a given task or period.
Doing everything required of MR KENT BENGTSSON is a fair bit of work. Especially the labour one performs in order to have compensation in the form of money paid to KENT BENGTSSON's accounts.

I am posting this here as a possible outcome of all this could be that the tax man agrees to what I have done or that my person no longer is a tax-payer, on the condition that I do not inform others of what I have done.  So that is why I'm sharing this now, in case I cannot tell later. If this did not work out for some reason, I will of course add what happened and any how and why of relevance. If I in a year or so from now provide no further information, assume it worked out.

There is of course the possibility that my tax return will slip through the system unnoticed and I just get a refund of the taxes deducted, with no challenge to the figures provided. If that is the case I will say so too. Then the year after will have the same filing and we will se what happens then.

The invoice text below is the core of my method, and the basis for me deducting as valid expenses things that are listed in it. If challenged I may provide more documents to make my point and require that they disprove my assumptions.

The reason I am doing this, is so that people who have salaries or do work where the employer or customer of a contractor have to deduct tax at source, have a way of getting these taxes back.

This should not be interpreted as a tax dodge. I do not mind paying for essential public services. But I do mind paying for a bloated public service who's first and foremost purpose seems to be to waste mine and your money, or worse, to use these money to control, manipulate and restrict us. Not to mention lining the pockets of politicians and public "servants".

If you decide to try this too, you are of course doing that of your own accord and entirely at your own risk. I can make no guarantees as to a successful outcome. There may be many factors that affect the outcome of this, and I may not have mentioned them.


This invoice is for services provided by
the man who goes by the name kent, of the
bengtsson family.

The entity the services have been provided for
is the legal person, MR KENT E. BENGTSSON.

As Involuntary Servitude is not practiced in today's
world, no one can be obliged to perform work without

As MR KENT E. BENGTSSON appears to be a dead fictional
creation with no presence in the tangible world of the physical
universe, it cannot perform any physical action, and need
the services of a man who is present in the physical realm
to do any actions for it.

As the UNITED KINGDOM is also such a fictional creation
and as most business transactions are conducted through the
entities of this fictional realm, which appear to mirror the
tangible universe, but in truth are not the same and is of a
lesser order than the real and tangible, this invoice has been
created to express the debt of MR KENT E. BENGTSSON
and the settlement of same.

Date 19 October 2019

Covering services provided from 5 April 2018 until 4 April 2019.

Services provided for MR KENT E. BENGTSSON:

Acting on behalf of MR KENT E. BENGTSSON (here-in-after referred to as KENT) with regard to answering any correspondence, filling out any forms, keeping track of and filing of receipts, bills, invoices and other records, settling any monetary demands that appear to be valid, speaking on behalf of KENT and moving money for KENT when need arise.

Performing physical labour, creative thinking, operating of machinery and tools when working, as KENT, for other legal persons within the UNITED KINGDOM, such as the firm KASK.

Acting for KENT in the capacity of Landlord, with regard to administrative and physical actions required for the renting out of the house and garden referred to as 20 Bricklands, Crawley Down.

Performing any needed administrative, fiduciary and physical actions for KENT as the “Keeper” of any vehicles registered by KENT.

Setting the record straight, when various commercial entities within the UNITED KINGDOM address KENT mistakenly regarding actions or inactions done by undersigned in the capacity of man, and attempting to place these actions within the UNITED KINGDOM and charge KENT penalties for such. Examples: Contraventions of internal policies of the UNITED KINGDOM, where no man, woman or child were harmed or endangered.

Payment required for above services:Since undersigned, as a living man, has no use of money or credit, per se, this invoice will not be requiring any form of monetary units as payment, but rather things that a man may need. Undersigned believes that all forms of money in common use today, are fictional in nature and only “re-presents” the real value in the realm of the living and the tangible, and that invoicing in a designated monetary amount would be mixing reality and fiction.

These are the things required as payment for the services provided:

Nutritional supplements
Transport including any costs for, or connected to cars, or other means of transport.
Telephone services
Internet connection
Books, magazines and any other publications.
Any services of my fellow men and women, that undersigned may require.
Equipment for sports, exercise and leisure activities.
Computer, laptop, printers and other hardware and software for these.
Office supplies.
Housing, including servicing of any mortgage.
Car rental
Household goods – all items in a household, including decorative such.
Fuel for heating and modes of transport.
Dental and Health services.
Gifts and presents to family and friends.
Tools and machinery.
Building materials.
Storage of produced value, by means of monetary units in KENT's accounts, for future needs.
Food, supplements and healthcare for pets.
Anything else that may be needed or desired in undersigned's life, that can be had by monetary payments.

All definitions of any words used in this invoice, are in according with the understanding of undersigned. When a conflict between definitions between undersigned and definitions used within the UNITED KINGDOM, undersigned's definitions prevail.

Settlement of this invoice:

All items, services, et cetera in the list above acquired by the monetary units paid to KENT for the actions, labour or activities of undersigned in the tangible world, returning the value to it's source and balancing the books in the realm of fiction.

Attached or enclosed evidence of this exchange is proof of settlement.

Autographed by:                                                                  Date:

the man that goes by the name of kent, who is of the bengtsson family line and who stands in the tangible world, unfettered by any man made fictions – except by express recorded agreements and contracts. The one with the paramount interest in the legal person MR KENT E. BENGTSSON.

- - - - - - - -

For a more complete view on taxation as practiced today and suggestions on how to pay less check out the page on "Tax" in the tabs at the top of the page.

All the best


PS. I just filed the figures according to this invoice and my receipts (which had £6000 unaccounted for due to lost receipts) for the year 2018 - 19, and had the tax deductions returned to my Persons Account minus National Insurance contributions.

I had kind of hoped for them to query my figures, but it did not happen this year. Next year I will have more complete invoices and there will be very little of the income that is not matched by receipts, bills, etc. So maybe the challenge comes then. Or maybe they read my Facebook and blog writings and decided not to challenge me, so there is no case tried that others can refer to if they would like to give this a go. Who knows.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

House Occupation

This is a story from an English freedom seeker. This happened som year ago. I cannot say that I agree with taking an empty house without first making sure that no one claims ownership to it.

But I love the way this guy deals with the police.

Pay attention to what he says and does. I believe this is a very good strategy to be left alone.

Greg's story:
Our housemate, having lived with us for a while now has reached the point where he wants to exercise his right to freely use the fruits of the Earth, in this case an abandoned property. We recently found such a property and yesterday went to seize it to his continued use. Once inside, the door was secured and the following notice placed in the front window :

Notice of action taken by a man
Be informed that I, a man, have found real property (land) at xxxxx unused and abandoned.
As of 5th June 2011 I have seized it to my continued use and have bestowed bodily labour upon it.
In peace
Your Friend

Within approximately 20 minutes of doing so the next door neighbour came to check what was going on – a truthful answer was given. Very put out and angry by this notion, the threats begin and the police are called.

Not more than three minutes later two cars carrying four police officers arrived. Very angry at first, tasers at the ready, we opened the door and welcomed them in. We explained what we were doing and, when asked, explained the foundational law upon which the process was based.

We were laughing and joking with them so after only a couple of minutes we were having a very friendly discussion with the sergeant who I have to say was a genuinely decent man, as were the other officers once they had been calmed down.

When asked for names, we provided a name with the caveat that the name was to be used for their benefit being careful not to attach ourselves to it and adding that HMCS  (Her Magesty's Court Service) had already acknowledged that I was not the liable party for that name. We were arrested for causing criminal damage (we had actually deconstructed the front door so no damage had been caused, not that that really matters) and one of the officers was trying very hard to make it clear that “the laws of England and Wales apply to everyone, including me and most definitely including you, you are not above the law.” To which the response was “you are mistaken.”
We had a good chat in the van on the way to the custody suite and both committed ourselves to having a fantastic day “we are precisely where we are meant to be. This is our purpose.”

The two other officers who transported us, were waiting with us for about 15 minutes whilst we waited to be booked in. Again they were two decent people. The woman officer was trying to make small talk regarding issues of jurisdiction etc so we politely changed the small talk to the weather and life in general.
On booking in all the usual information was requested and I was once again happy to provide the basics for their benefit only, and with the appropriate caveat. Any other questions were unanswered on the basis that I didn’t recognise the authority of the one asking them. All requests for signature were dealt with by stating “I am unable to sign as it is against my faith,” when asked “what is your faith?” I stated that “it is against my faith to publically talk about my faith.”
The guy who took the fingerprints etc was fantastic, in fact my housemate was convinced that he was his angel for the day. We basically made friends with everyone – love being the order of the day. The next 10 hours we both spent crossed legged in meditation, blessing everyone who had played a part in the day, slowly coming out of meditation every hour when someone put their face through the slot to see how we were. The detention officers were all pretty ok once we had made friends with them. Ten hours of meditation can take you to some strange places – by 7pm the walls of the cell no longer looked solid, and I no doubt looked pretty crazy to anyone watching through the camera when every 20 minutes or so I would break out in hysterical laughter!
At about 9:45pm I was finally interviewed by two of the officers who made the initial arrest. Prior to the official start of the interview I was being asked many probing questions by the young officer, perhaps 27 years old, and it was clear he wasn’t trying to trip me up he was genuinely questioning his role in this saga following what had been said at the house at the time of the arrest. In fact his senior officer had to rein him in. The older officer was clearly the psychology guy, but NLP doesn’t work when you know that’s what the game is! As soon as the tape recorder clicked on everyone got very serious and the interview went as follows:

Officer 1 (older officer): (Introduction – stating time and alleged offences) Are you Mr Gregory Paul Saunders?
Me: Before I respond to any questions you may have today, there is something I need to tell you before we proceed.
Officer 1: What’s that?
Me: (looking deep within his eyes) I love you, (turning to the other officer) I love you (20 seconds of silence)... would you like to repeat the question? (both officers pretty jittery from this point onwards)
Officer 1: erm, are you Mr Gregory Paul Saunders?
Me: in the matter of that name, there has been a mistake. Where is the proper notice so that i can deal with the matter honourably?
Officer 1: we need you to identify yourself for the purpose of this interview.
Me: The only truthful response I can give in relation to my identity is ‘I am’. I need to make it clear at this point that I am unable to answer any further questions.
Officer 1: Why is that?
Me: no comment
Officer 1: I’m not trying to be awkward, would you like the opportunity to explain why you are unable to answer any further questions?
Me: If you were willing to state for the record that in this matter you are speaking to me as my holy brothers then I would take great pleasure in conversing with you as equals. As however you are wearing a uniform and as such appear to be here representing a fictional entity, we are not equal and I am unable to recognise you. I answer only to my creator. For me to answer questions posed by you would also be a blasphemy upon my divine self.
(approximately 30 questions followed relating to the events that had taken place earlier that day, the reply to all of them being “I am unable to answer that question”)
Officer 2: but the laws of this country apply to everyone. No one is above the law. Do you understand that?
Me: Might you be mistaken? (should have been “could it be that I am no one?”)
Officer 1: we believe that you are Mr Saunders and that you did cause criminal damage to xxxx.
Me: Are you using that name for personal identification?
Officer 1: yes, we believe you are Mr Saunders.
Me: Would identifying me by that name without my consent be tantamount to involuntary servitude?
Officer 1: what does that mean?
Me: Are you attempting to enslave me?
Officer 1: oh no. Is there anything else you would like to say before we conclude this interview?
Me: Would you agree that every man has free will?
Officer 1: Yes
Me: It is my will that I leave this detention centre immediately. Will you comply?
Officer 1: Now? Oh no, no
Me: Are you saying man only has free will when it suits you? Would that be tantamount to involuntary servitude?
Officer 1: Is there anything else you would like to say before we conclude this interview?
Me: I am unable to comment any further on this matter.
Tape stopped

Officer 2: So completely off the record, man to man, what got you into all this then?
This question came out of a genuine interest as it was very clear by this point that the days events had had somewhat of an impact on this chap and had made him question his role. We chatted for the next 10 minutes as equals with him expressing a genuine interest in everything from the global matrix of control, to the nature of the banking system, to the desire to create a better world for our children.
Within five minutes of being returned to the cell the case was dropped and I was released with no further action to be taken. My housemate followed five minutes later. When leaving, no signatures were requested, either for the release itself or for the return of chattels.
On the way home we drove past the property that we had been arrested at to find that the door had been left ajar so no attempt was made to prevent a repeat performance which would be without the possibility of arrest for ‘criminal damage.’ Nonetheless, in view of the state of the house, which was unknown beforehand, my housemate has decided to find a different property to use. So we look forward to another adventure!
A massive bingo moment occurred during that day. Whilst I gave what I would have considered the correct responses at all times, it was only during the meditation and subsequently the interview (where I practiced what I had learnt during the meditation) that I fully and completely realised the most basic of truths – Any agency or authority being nothing more than a complete fiction does not deserve the slightest recognition from us as men. This is why we had still not previously been completely left in peace – by engaging with them in any way we ARE acknowledging their authority because any man who truly knows who he is would never sully his own divinity by engaging with, let alone responding to questions posed by, a fictional entity.

Ultimately then we have no business communicating with or attending the place of business of any fictional entity, including the court. Why would anyone who has come to understand that they are far more powerful than any artificial entity, ever go to or communicate with a non-existent entity for any reason, when doing so is acknowledging their very existence and thus their authority?

In the past I have justified such action by expressing intent to help my brothers settle their matters, however there are a couple of issues here – 1. Whilst they are wearing their personas, they are not my brothers no matter how much I treat them as such. 2. If I don’t recognise anything artificial, how could I possibly assist with the settlement of any matter which originates in the fictional realm?
I am not suggesting that the previous processes talked about on this site are obsolete, simply that they only represent a partial truth. Because we tend not to realise the nature of our own enlightenment over night they also remain the ideal stepping stone process along the path of self realisation. For this reason I still highly recommend the court process of correcting a mistake, if not for a complete settlement, for the wonderful opportunity for self growth that the experience provides.
If I were to have yesterdays time again I would simply have stated at the outset, when the police first came to the door of the house, that “it is against my faith to acknowledge you or enter into any form of discussion with you unless you can confirm that you are my holy brother and not a representative of an artificial entity. I refer you to the notice in the front window should you require any information pertaining to our actions today.”

Despite whatever justification the ego may create to deviate from this position, any deviation is in itself an acknowledgement of their authority and a declaration that (at least in some way) we have misunderstood who we truly are. The reason why this may prove a difficult step for many to take (or to even acknowledge it as being the right step) is that it does require significantly more peace of mind and absence of fear, but they that’s what this journey is all about isn’t it? Notwithstanding the above if I were accused of being the name I would still respond with “In the matter of the name there has been a mistake. Where is the proper notice so that I can deal with this matter honourably?” - But nothing more.
Though some minor refinements may be required, I strongly believe that this is the missing piece to the puzzle and represents the complete and final solution to “getting out of the box.” I will start a new forum on this over the next few days.
I love you all, you beautiful people
P.S. When I refer to “my faith” I simply mean the hearts will (or conscience) which receives its instructions directly from my true nature - divine consciousness itself. Whilst “my faith” may conjure a suggestion of ownership, it is simply a way of drawing a line in the sand across which no fictional authority can cross in a manner that the fictional authority can understand. What exactly is meant by “my faith” is not their business.

I asked Greg what the Caveat was and this is the reply:

"Kent - the caveat was "I will provide a name for your benefit only, so long as you understand that it is not to be used to personally identify me" or something to that effect. Having said that, and as you can see from the story, I would not say the same thing again."


This was probably more than 10 years ago now. Greg's site is gone and I have not heard what he does today. He was basically following the "Peaceful Inhabitant" philosophy developed by two Americans calling themselves "Batman and Boris" back then. You can find Batman now as "imbatman57" in Talkshoe ( ) and this appears to be his website:

As I understand it, the philosophy of Peaceful Inhabitant has it's origin in that these guys studied the Geneva Convention and another similar text, and concluded that the World is under a covert Military Occupation, by the Corporate States and the One World Structures in place.

These conventions says that an occupying force should leave peaceful inhabitants in peace. So if the State is an occupying force that are trying to extort value from, or punish us, they would have no right to do so if we enter into the proper persona and abandon any capacity that they try to place us in - such as the juristic PERSON (The Name in all capital letters).

Greg took this a step further in realizing we should not even interact with the fictions, as this will give them legitimacy as well as degrade our own divine self.  Which he successfully did in the example above.

If you think about it, this could be applied in many situations. But mainly those where you want to be left alone to conduct your own business without interference from a fictional State. Apply this using common sense.


Friday, 9 September 2016

How Truth-Seeking will affect You.

What to expect if you stand up to the System.

What does it mean to live your life as a truth- or freedom-seeker?

Well that depends on a number of things, like your own state of mind, how combative or laid-back you are, if you want to take a stand about lots of things, or are happy just reading and listening.

But before we get into special cases, lets just look at what to expect generally.

We all have people with very fixed viewpoints on life, around us. They may be family, neighbours, friends and people we work with. They may feel threatened or worried about the idea that the Government, the Public Service, Media, the Education System, the Justice System, and the Medical Establishment, is not always there for the general good of the people, and that the people that control these organisations have used them to misinform us, to enrich themselves, to dumb us down, to make us sicker and to focus on trivial things like celebrity gossip, sports, gadgets, TV series, partying, etc. etc.
They will not readily be willing to face the fact that they have been manipulated like this, and will insist that it is we the “conspiracy theorists” that has got it all wrong. And again, depending on their state of mind, they may just politely stay out of any arguments, or they will make it their mission to convince you how wrong you have been, or to make fun of you for being so stupid that you believe “that crap”.

Personally I never had an issue with the people around me, or even “public servants” that I have dealt with in my trials of various strategies. I think this comes down to a combination of a thick skin and a friendly and accepting attitude.

I have gone against the stream, one way or another, for most of my life, and I stopped caring about what other people thought about how I lived my life, a long time ago. If I lived my life according to the wishes of those around me – would I even be having a life of my own?

But enough about me.

You can expect to lose or see less of some friends, that does not share your rebellious streak and your suspicious attitude towards everything “official”. You can expect sarcasm and jokes aimed at you. Expect the odd sigh followed by rolling eyes.

When dealing with people working for the Police, Taxman, Courts, Councils, Vehicle Registration, etc. you will be dealing with people who get paid to perform a narrow function in those organizations. They cannot be seen to support you or give you any more leeway than they give others. They will generally be courteous and polite, but might occasionally take a dislike to you (often based on your attitude toward them) and give you a very hard time.

They may treat you as if you were an idiot or a fool who have fallen for some false ideas spread on the internet. They may act as if their rules and procedures are the only valid ones that applies to anything, and what you do (even if you use the same principles as they do) is of no consequence.

But when you hit the nail on the head and present them with truths they cannot argue with, they will become silent. They will not respond. This no response can be in the form of silence, or no more letters. It can also be in the form of coming back at you with something else that does not have any relevance to what you brought up, This is an effort to get off the hook and to get you to abandon your point. Do not fall for it. Insist they answer your actual point. It does not matter if it is an interaction with a Judge in a Court Room or if it is a letter conversation with a debt collector or a parking company.

Point out that they have not responded “in substance” (as required concerning the matter at hand) and give them two more opportunities to do so and add the wording that if they cannot (prove, show, substantiate, etc.) whatever they claim, they agree that you are (right, innocent, without blame, owed something, etc.).

Expect that you will end up in the archives of various agencies who spy on the population or who try to keep tabs on “Enemies of the State”. Assume that your phone calls are being scanned for keywords and recorded, and that your E-mails and other electronic communication will be intercepted and read. If you have blogs, websites or accounts in social media, assume someone is watching what you say and share. I had a site under my own domain some years ago, and when people clicked on it in facebook, a warning pop-up from Norton Antivirus appeared saying this site was a known hazard or that visitors might get malware there. Now I use Blogger owned by Google, which they cannot treat like that.

Is this a problem? Depends how “under the radar” you want to be. I have long ago made myself clear as to what I think and what I stand for. So do not worry about it. I have no dependants any more, so if they come and take me away (which I consider very unlikely) no one else gets seriously affected.

Do not write or say things you are not willing to take the consequences for. You may believe a lot of things to be true, but if you cannot prove it, treat it as hearsay or a theory, even if a likely one, and say so.
Use disclaimers in language or notices. There are a lot of people in the “Truth or Freedom Movement” who are not that bright (as can be observed by the amount of followers of the Flat Earth Theory) and they may do stupid things with what you teach, and when it goes wrong they may blame you for their plight.

If you become really popular with thousands of followers, and your method is simple and effective in things like getting people out of jail, getting them to win in Court, getting them to set off debts with alternative means, defeat Banks in Court, or bringing corrupt public officials to justice. There is a good chance that you will be arrested on some bogus charges, and be railroaded in Court and put in Jail – unless you know how to hold your own in that situation (if you are lucky enough to not be in a total police state).

If you do a debt verification process on your unsecured loans and it all goes well, and everyone gives up eventually, you may be tempted to do the next “logical” step – do the same on your Mortgage or Car Loan. Go ahead if you like. But I have seen at least two fellow freedom seekers lose their houses doing this. They got themselves into this long before they were at a point where they could handle the deep water they were getting into. Do not forget that the Bankers rule the World and that they probably are the best customers for the Court System.

When you are consistently successful in getting wins against the State or Banks in the Courts, and you know exactly everything about the “loan” process and can prove it – you may give the Mortgage a try. Preferably on a test property or for someone who will for sure lose their house following the conventional process, so has nothing to lose by trying your method.

I have seen a good number of people lose interest or give up, because “it became too hard” or they met resistance from various directions. Or it was not as easy to get remedy as they had hoped. Or they felt their family or children were at risk. They of course have every right to make that choice.

It may all seems so logical, so crystal clear and so simple when one sits in front of ones own computer at home. But when you stand in front of some aggressive bailiffs and police officers or a Judge that will not give you any slack, but will be happy to plead for you, speak for you, witness for you and in the same breath claim you are getting a fair trial, then it is a different ball game. Some people decide this is more than they are willing to deal with, and give up on this “Freeman stuff”. You will forget 99% of what you know in the safety of your study or room, when you end up in a heated situation like I just described.

You are also likely to become a bit obsessed with your quest. You may find yourself going to the toilet in the middle of the night and spend the next two hours having a conversation with a Judge in your head, as you lay there in the dark unable to let go of the subject.

You will start seeing lies and manipulation in almost anything you encounter in your daily life. It can be as simple as asking yourself why you are obediently sitting there in your car in front of that red lamp on a post, across from you, when there are no other cars around that would be affected in any way if you just ignored that red light and drove on. Or you will see the hidden message in crime drama series, medical dramas or even child programs on TV. And when some news about a new war, shooting, bad weather, earthquake, unrest, etc. are shouted from the rooftops by mainstream media, you knee jerk reaction will most likely be that this is an orchestrated or caused event by those that want to keep us worried and enslaved.

When you look to the skies, and se some cloud that looks a little bit different, you will jump to the conclusion that it is created by the ongoing geoengineering programs. If it is unusually rainy or there is a drought on, you will be sure that it has been engineered to make us ill, miserable, poorer or to kill us all slowly.

When you catch a cold or a flu, you may think it has been cooked up in some lab somewhere by men in white coats who then go and spread it in airports the world around or on undergrounds and trains.

If an old parent or relative gets alzheimers, cancer, etc. you will think “If it wasn't for those greedy bastards in the food and medical industries, s/he might still enjoy a decent life now.”

When (if) you pay your electricity or gas bill, or fill up your car, you will be inclined to think “If Nicola Tesla's inventions from over a hundred years ago had not been suppressed, we would all be enjoying clean, harmless free energy now.”

Your thinking will be diagonally opposite to what most people think or the way they react to things that happen. Which makes it a bit hard to make small talk at times, and you cannot help yourself in trying to bend the conversation towards questions about why things are like they are and what are the underlying causes for things.

The Positive.

The above have for the most part been dealing with the negative side of being a “Freedom Fighter”, “Truther” or “Freedom Seeker”. But it is far from the whole picture.

Since we were children and our parents and teachers ordered us about and told us what we can and can't do, until adulthood when bosses, public officials, police, etc. tells us what we must do, we have been trained to obey orders and directives without questioning the logic behind them or whether the one issuing the order had any moral right to do so. We have “learned” that “resistance is futile” when the State makes a claim or orders something.

So with all that in mind, just imagine the boost one gets with even the smallest victory – like having a parking ticket cancelled or a debt collector or bailiff back off.

And if you can get through a session in Magistrates Court without stepping into the shoes of the “legal fiction” referred to as “The Defendant” and walk out unmolested, things really start to feel great, and you confidence gets a great boost, and you lose a lot of fear for these people and all their uniforms, robes, high seats and guards. That is in my book priceless.

If on top of this you have had some deep spiritual experience, like a near death experience, or other event or therapy that has made it clear to you that you are not your body, but you are a soul that has a body, and that you cannot die, but are an immortal spirit – then there is not much that will scare you or intimidate you.

Losing the fear and realizing that those poor souls that rely on a title or a gun to get respect, are just ordinary people like you and me, makes a big difference to ones confidence, happiness and courage.

Let me just end off with a few comments about our “opponents”.

We will never come face to face with the creatures that are the root cause of this very faulty system we have today. We may face a few sociopaths or psychopaths, who work for them, but on the whole we will be dealing with people that are our brothers and sisters of this Earth, and who are acting in a way they believe is correct. They may not have come to some vital realizations yet. They still have a lot of waking up to do. But that does not make them evil. Most of you who read this may have been there yourselves, not that long ago.

Some people who claim to have “woken up” are full of hate and anger and their language and attitude is not pretty. They think they have the right to be nasty and derogatory about those that are still asleep “within the Matrix” - for no other reason than having been lied to all their lives. As much as I can see that viewpoint, I do not agree with it.

Hate creates more hate. Emotions are contagious – both negative and positive ones. If we want a better and more fair world, it is not going to come about through hate and animosity. We do not only create our own emotions, we also do so to a degree in our fellow man – depending how we make him feel.

One can do this in a friendly manner, with love in ones heart. This does not mean one will be a push-over or doormat. One can be friendly but firm. One can stand ones ground with love in ones heart, without giving an inch.

Lose your fear, and there is no reason to be antagonistic any more. Anger and antagonism is often a kind of defence mechanism. I have had more success with a friendly attitude than the few times I have tried an antagonistic one. That goes for the tone of a letter too.

A Judge may try to wind you up so that you lose your cool and become angry. He knows angry people are off balance and not as logical as calm and collected ones. Do not fall into that trap.

Know the good in yourself and see the good in others. Many a “Public Servant” knows the system is broken and in his or her heart supports what you do, as long as you do not make them your enemy or harm others. Make the system or what is wrong with it your enemy, not the poor souls trapped by it.

Do well!